Welcome to Ulla, an affordable accommodation option when you want to choose standard yourself. Ulla is unmanned and you can check in quickly and smoothly directly on your mobile phone, guaranteed without queuing!

Affordable accommodation

Ulla is situated only a couple of kilometers from the department store and has a good standard with the option of making extra choices depending on the budget. Pets are allowed in all rooms, but not in common areas.

At Ulla there are 200 beds in a total of 57 rooms. Hostel standard means up to four beds in the room and access to toilet and shower in common areas.

The popular breakfast buffet is included in the price for all guests. Parking is free for everyone.

Two room types with breakfast included in the price

You can choose between two room types – rooms with a toilet and shower in the room and rooms with access to a toilet and shower in common areas. Please note that the rooms at Ulla does not have a TV. Free Wifi is available in the rooms and in common areas.

Breakfast buffet is included for all guests and bed linen can be booked until the day before arrival. Cleaning is included, but all guests are responsible for disposing of their own rubbish. Parking is free for everyone.


The rooms at Ulla are distributed over two floors where access to the second floor is only possible via stairs (no lift).

If you need accommodation adapted for functional variation, please contact our booking department on 0346-375 00 if you have any questions.

Check in with your mobile phone

Download the “AeroGuest” app and check in on your mobile upon arrival at Ulla. Through the app, you get access to your digital room key, which you can share with the other residents in your room. Simple, flexible and guaranteed to be free of queues!
You can also pay for your accommodation directly on your mobile when you check in with “AeroGuest”. The app is downloaded in the App Store or Google Play.

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An affordable overnight accommodation option for you who want to choose standard yourself. Welcome with your booking!