Gekås Ullared Turistbyrå

Tourist information

There is lots to discover in the Ullared area apart from shopping. The store has its own tourist information desk where you’ll find tips on accommodation, activities and attractions. We also have maps of the area and brochures on local tourist attractions.

Discover the environment around Ullared

Take a walk in the scenic forest in Ullared or go to the nice summer towns of Falkenberg and Varberg. Take the opportunity to look at the links to find inspiration for what you can do near the department store.

Tourist information in the department store

On level 3 at the entrance to the Restaurant you will find the tourist information. The tourist information is staffed during the summer under the auspices of Destination Falkenberg. During unmanned times, brochure material is available to pick up to get tips on wonderful excursion destinations and adventures around Ullared and in the rest of Halland.