Gekåsbyns Bad & Bastu

Gekåsbyns Bath & Sauna

Gekåsbyn's Bath & Sauna is an experience for all the body's senses. The wood-burning hot tubs, the cool outdoor showers and the refreshing saunas provide a calm and harmonious round off to an intense shopping day.

Relaxing After Shopping

Inside the area, there are two changing rooms with smaller storage cabinets for brought bathrobes and towels, 12 hot tubs, outdoor showers and sauna rooms that can be used by the group that has booked a wood-burning hot tub.

The hot tub holds a temperature of 38 degrees for one hour from the start time. Book your barrel from 19:00 or at 20:00 every day of the week. The sauna holds 75 degrees.

Each barrel has room for four people, or five with a little heart room. Be sure to book now!

Book Bath & Sauna

Book your time in our bath and sauna facility by phone 0346-375 00. If you want to book accommodation via our website, you have the option of booking Bath & Sauna directly at the time of booking. If you have already booked accommodation, you are welcome to call Gekåsbyn on tel. +46 (0) 0346-375 00 with your request.


Regular price: SEK 695 per barrel and bathing occasion.
Start times: at 19 or at 20 every day of the week.