Fislka Musasjön Gekås Ullared


You can also experience fishing in Ullared and of course there is also fishing near the department store! Relax by yourself or take your company with you and fish in Högvadsån, which flows behind Gekås and further past Gekåsbyn's campsite.

Högvadsån is Ätran’s largest tributary with a completely self-producing salmon stock and flows right next to Gekåsbyn’s campsite. But even if salmon fishing has always been the focus, there are many other species of fish that can be caught on the hook, namely trout, pike, perch, eel and more.

Fishing license at the check-in

From April 1 to September 30, you can buy a fishing license at Gekåsbyn’s check-in.

Fishing license via iFiske

You can also download the iFiske app and buy fishing licenses directly in the app.