Directly adjacent to Gekås Ullared is the department store's large parking lot with 3,200 parking spaces. You will find 1,375 of these parking spaces in our parking garages.

Caravan and mobile home parking

There is room for around 100 vehicles in our caravan and motorhome parking lot. We also have a bus parking lot with space for up to 45 buses.

The GPS coordinates of our customer parking lot are: 57° 08′ 13”N 12° 42′ 37”E

Charging station for electric cars

Here you can charge your car while you shop! There are a total of 83 stations for charging electric cars in the department store’s parking lot. The charging sockets are Type 2 for outdoor use (1-phase or 3-phase 7.4 kW – 22 kW).

Remember to bring your own charging cable and that we only have charging for charging type 1 or 2.

The department store’s parking – There are 40 spaces at the parking lot at Musasjö, and 46 spaces between the parking garages.

Parking garage 2 – 6 spaces

The event hall – 4 seats

The hotel – 2 spaces in the hotel’s garage

Gekåsbyn – 10 charging points

Charging with E.ON Drive

You charge your electric car easily and conveniently via our partner E.ON Drive.

Pay with charge card/tray, via app or with payment card

You can choose whether you want to pay with the E.ON charging card/tray, via the E.ON Drive app or with a payment card.

If you are an E.ON customer and pay via charging card/tray or app, the cost to charge your car is SEK 2.00 per Kwh, if you pay directly with a payment card, the cost is SEK 2.40 per Kwh.

Here you order the E.ON charging card/charging tray >>

You download the E.ON Drive app via the App Store or Google Play.

Do you have questions or need help?

Then you are welcome to contact E.On’s customer service on 0771-70 77 00.