Child friendly

Floors 3 and 4 of the store are a shopping-free zone. Here there’s plenty of scope for even our tiniest visitors to eat and wind down.

Baby feeding room
In our baby feeding room on Floor 3 you can feed your baby in peace. There is a microwave for heating up baby food and milk, and comfy chairs to sit in.

Film Corner
Next to the Restaurant on Floor 3 is the Film Corner where older children can watch videos and generally wind down. Here we show Swedish classics, Disney films and other great movies. There is also a small film corner in the Kidswear department.

Eat – good to know
You can buy baby food in the Cafe Bar and in the Restaurant on Floor 3. The Restaurant serves children’s portions of all the meals on the menu. There is a microwave for heating up baby food you’ve brought with you in the Restaurant, the Cafe bar, the Sports Bar and the Salad Bar.

Playground in Gekåsbyn
In Gekåsbyn (the campsite), you will find a 950 sqm playground that is, among other things, built with various obstacle courses, several swings and two cable cars. The playground is located below the ski slope!