Here we tell you about new bargains instore on a daily basis. The products we highlight are instore right now but are likely to sell out quickly. So make sure you check the date of the post that you’re reading. The blog is in Swedish.

Fashion favorites from the women’s department


Sail safely with the dog


T-shirts with print


Get your late summer flowers!


Riding socks for horse enthusiasts

Equestrian Sports

In the basement of the store, you´ll find most things you need for your horse. Update your wardrobe with some new riding socks. There is a large selection for men, women and children.

Detergents for houses and homes

Tools & car care

Make sure that the roof, facade and decking get a little extra care this summer. On the basement floor of the store, you will find several different detergents that help to make the job a little more fun.