Gekså Ullared Musasjön bada

Swimming in Musasjön

Start the day with a refreshing morning swim or end a successful shopping day with a cooling evening swim. Musasjön is only a stone's throw from the department store and the camping area.

In the municipality of Falkenberg, in addition to kilometer-long beaches that attract thousands of tourists during the summer months, there are also several fine lakes with beautiful lake beaches and wonderful nature. Musasjön is one of these beautiful lakes where it is absolutely perfect to swim. Musasjön has a beach of fine sea sand, swimming raft, slide.

Musasjön is beautifully framed by forest and has a lovely footpath. Here you can take a relaxing walk and enjoy nature and life by the water. In some places around the lake you will also find several nice barbecue areas. A nice walk at a reasonable pace around the lake takes about 20 minutes.