Gekås Mission

The little Gekås shop that started life on the ground floor of a house in Ullared is now Sweden’s most popular visitor attraction. With stable guiding business principles, Gekås is now a well-known brand. A lot has happened since the beginning in the 1960s, but history lives on and you can be sure, today just as in the past, that you will find products at low prices, every day, all year round

Our vision is to create the world’s best shopping experience. We do this by continuously developing our destination, with shopping as the main attraction. To create a shopping experience which is out of the ordinary, we also offer food, accommodation, activities and events. We constantly strive to be better at what we do, every day.

Our mission is to exceed the customer’s expectations. Our customers come to us with the expectation of shopping smartly and getting a good deal. We aim to do that little bit extra, so that customers go back home with their expectations more than fulfilled. With service and a friendly reception as obvious elements, we create a real relationship with our customers.

Business idea
Our business idea is to sell everything for the home that fits in a car at unbeatably low prices. Shopping is the reason why people travel to us, and we are developing our destination with well-stocked shelves that not only make everyday life easier but also put a gilt edge on it. Right from the start, we have had a clear price philosophy, which is all about having the best offers on the market. With products at low prices, every day, all year round, we create an honest pricing policy, so that the customer knows it is always worth a visit to our big yellow store.

To put this into practice, we work every day on the basis of a number of simple but clear guiding principles.

Customer focus
We are here for the customers, and always have their interests at heart. Everyone who comes to Gekås is an individual, and needs individual treatment. Poor treatment by staff can ruin someone’s day just as much as good treatment can brighten it. At Gekås we know this, and for that reason we are known for our fantastic service.

Team spirit
Although we work in different parts of a big organisation, we are one team working towards the same goals. We help each other across departmental and company boundaries and do not complete with one another. Here there is joy and unity – everyone is welcome, and everyone is part of the team.

We see what needs to be done, and knuckle down wherever necessary. When employees take the initiative, simple problems can easily be solved on the spot, before they grow into big problems.

Common sense
We take our own initiatives in our daily work, and use both knowledge and gut feeling to make the right decision. We take the job seriously and feel both responsibility for, and participation in, the operations. This creates the motivation to do that little bit extra. The end result is an unrivalled shopping experience for the customer.