A stone’s throw from the superstore, the cabin village and the campsite is Lake Musasjön. It’s a wonderful place for a swim!

Here you’ll find a sandy beach, a bathing platform, a diving raft and a slide, all in a beautiful setting. Why not start the day with a morning dip or round off a successful day’s shopping with a refreshing evening dip! You’ll find goggles, swimwear and anything else you may need in the superstore.

Lake Musasjö is surrounded by beautiful forests and has a wonderful footpath all the way round it that’s ideal for a relaxing stroll in the countryside and for enjoying life by the water. And dotted round the lake are attractive barbecue areas. So, why not fire up the BBQ and share a meal with family and friends!

At a reasonable pace, it takes about 20 minutes to walk round the lake